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预科大学安置办公室为贝博体彩的家庭提供全面的, 细心周到的大学建议. 在冬季的三个月里, junior students are assigned their College Counselor and are able to schedule introductory meetings. Our College 辅导员 build both trusting and supportive relationships with our students while also encouraging them to take the reins of their future. We inspire our students to become self-advocates while building self-confidence along the way. Our mission is to assist our students with finding colleges and universities that match the breadth of their educational and social needs; where they will be happy and maximize their potential.
Our College 辅导员 build both trusting and supportive relationships with our students while also encouraging them to take the reins of their future. 


  • 大学分业讲座系列:在初级阶段进行一系列深入的演讲 & senior years which address items at each stage of the college planning timeline (All Trimesters).
    • 大学安置复习:  Interactive meetings in small groups to reinforce college application processes and procedures covered in the Lecture Series (Fall Trimester).
  • 大学论文写作课程:在冬天 & 三年级的春天, 贝博体彩的学生解决创意的产生, 在他们的英语课程中起草和完成他们的大学论文(冬季) & 春天三学期制).
  • 大学访问: We welcome college representatives from across the country and internationally to speak and present to our students (Fall Trimester).


  • 大学计划启动: The formal beginning of the college planning process for parents and students (Fall Trimester).
  • 助学金之夜在财务援助专业人员的帮助下, this event allows our families to understand the financial aid process and current landscape (Fall Trimester).
  • 大学招生委员会: Representatives from a diversity of institutions allow our families behind the curtain of college admissions (Winter Trimester).
  • 大学录取案例研究: Admission representatives provide our families with a detailed analysis of how decisions are made on a range of 贝博体彩app college applications (Spring Trimester).
  • 通用应用网络研讨会:贝博体彩指导学生完成通用申请的每个部分, so they understand how to present themselves 有效地 in the college application process (Fall Trimester). 



  • 本杰明·拉斯特摄

    便雅悯 持久之人 

    (973) 325-7737 x 6628
  • 汤姆·法拉托摄

    汤姆 Falato 

    (973) 325-7737 x 6623
  • 坎迪斯 高塔的照片

    坎迪斯 高塔 

    (973) 325-7737 x 6627


  • Received 899 total college acceptances, an average of approximately 5+ acceptances per student
  • 学生将在美国和加拿大的27所不同的102所大学就读 & 亚洲
  • 被美国、加拿大和亚洲38个国家的216所高校录取
  • 87所学院和大学在2023届录取了3名或更多预科生
  • 37所学院和大学接受了7名或更多预科生


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